Kids’ Dentistry

Kids’ Dentistry

At Burlingame Dental Arts, our SW Portland kids’ dentist believes that a child’s dental care should begin as early as possible to ensure the proper development of his or her oral health. Our gentle and compassionate dentist has a passion for working with kids, and we can’t wait to welcome your family to Burlingame Dental Arts as we start the exciting journey of quality oral health for a lifetime!

When should I schedule my child’s first dental appointment?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommends that a child’s first dental appointment occur by the age of 1, or within 6 months of her first tooth eruption. If parents have a particular concern about their child’s oral health, you should schedule an appointment earlier to see our SW Portland kids’ dentist. This first visit will allow you to first introduce your child to our Burlingame dental office in a comfortable and relaxing manner. We strive to make our office a welcoming place for kids, so if treatment is required, we can make a positive experience out of your child’s first dental visit.

Can I accompany my child back to the treatment room during his appointment?

Of course. While some kids behave better without a parent in the room, others require mom or dad’s comforting face in order feel relaxed during their appointment. Parents are always given the option to do what is the most comfortable for them and their kids.

What happens during my child’s first appointment?

A child’s first visit is typically very relaxed for both the parent and patient. Our team will collect your child’s medical and oral health information, and give them a chance to meet the staff, look around the office, take a seat in a dental chair, and encourage them to have as much fun as possible.

If your child appears relaxed, we will conduct a comprehensive dental examination, in addition to providing parents with tips on the best oral hygiene practices and diet for protecting their child’s oral health. During this visit, a professional cleaning, fluoride treatment, and any necessary x-rays can also be completed. However, any and all of these services can be postponed to a later appointment if your child appears fussy or uncomfortable.

For toddlers, dental examinations are conducted while on a parent’s lap using a technique referred to as “Knee-to-Knee”, which parents can also use at home when brushing their child’s teeth.

At Burlingame Dental Arts, our team of SW Portland kids’ dentists work hard to ensure your child’s first visit is a positive and exciting experience. We make a point to always use words and terms that are positive and non-frightening, while offering explanations about treatments using language easy for your child to understand. Our relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, and compassionate care will help make your child right at home.

Do’s & Don’ts

To help ensure your child has a positive and enjoyable experience during their visit, we recommend the following suggestions of do’s and don’ts for parents:


  • Arrive at least a few minutes early for your appointment to give your child a chance to become comfortable with our office.
  • Prepare your child in advance to meet new people and talk about how exciting this can be.
  • Share fun and exciting stories with your child about visiting the dentist.

If your child was referred to our office, please bring any x-rays and referral forms that were provided to you to the appointment.


  • Send your child to his first appointment with a friend or family member. Not only would our staff love to meet you, but first impressions matter to kids. It’s better your child feel comfortable knowing that mom or dad is nearby.
  • Make promises to your child that you can’t keep, such as “this won’t hurt” or “this won’t be scary.”
  • Share stories with your child about how scared you were as a kid visiting the dentist. While you might think these types of stories will help your child relate, it only reinforces the idea that there’s something they should be frightened of.


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