Preventive Dental Care


Preventive Dental Services

The dentist and staff at Burlingame Dental Arts strive to build long-term relationships with each patient, ensuring the best care for your individual needs. Our Burlingame dentist will take the time to answer your questions, and instruct each member of your family regarding the best habits for practicing quality oral hygiene at home. Our dentist will also happily recommended the best dental products and tools to use at home so you can maintain a bright and healthy smile for a lifetime.

As a premiere dentist in Southwest Portland, Oregon, our team at Burlingame Dental Arts provides high-quality, state-of-the art preventive dental services that include:

  • Digital X-rays and computers in each patient room for paperless charting.
  • Detailed oral cleaning.
  • Comprehensive oral examination.
  • TMJ evaluation.
  • Oral cancer screenings.
  • Individual treatment plan designed to help improve and maintain your oral health.
  • One-on-one consultation with our Burlingame dentists.

Our SW Portland, Oregon dentist encourages patients to visit at least once every six months for optimal dental health, but visits may be required more often depending on the current state of your oral health.

3D Digital X-Rays

Traditional dental X-rays focus solely on a patient's teeth and require an individual exposure for each image taken. Such a limited approach can result in the need for multiple X-rays before a dentist can fully understand the current state of a patient's oral health. With 3D ConeBeam Imaging technology, however, the images our Burlingame dentist uses during patient examinations show far more than a traditional X-ray. This new technology provides complete visual information that allows our doctor to study your case from every angle. Best of all, we can duplicate the original scan at anytime if we need to provide different specialists with images to use at a later date. Unlike film that needs to be stored, digital X-rays can never get lost or become damaged during a transfer.

Dental Sealants

Our teeth feature a lot of deep crevices and uneven surfaces that can be hard to properly clean, especially for younger patients who lack the manual dexterity and attention to detail required to practice quality oral hygiene. Dental sealants work to help protect these vulnerable areas of the mouth by blocking the harmful oral bacteria that causes decay and cavities from the surface of a patient's teeth.

Made from an incredibly thin, but durable, plastic resin, dental sealants are applied directly to the surface of a patient's teeth, effectively "sealing" it away from harmful oral bacteria. Sealants cause no discomfort and only take a few minutes to apply. Even better, they are so durable they can last for years before a reapplication is needed.

Take the first step towards helping to protect your kids' oral health by scheduling a dental sealant appointment with our Burlingame dentist today!

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