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Outstanding Dental Services. My family (ages 4 to 69) has been using Burlingame Dental Arts for years. I agree completely with the owner’s statement. The staff is friendly and from my experience, highly skilled. I have had work done by all 3 dentists and many of the assistants. The office is very attractive and seems to be equipped with the latest technology. I have been getting dental work done for many years in several different cities and this is as good as it gets.Jonne
Quality/Punctual/Comfortable Dental Office. We have had the best experience with our time spent with the staff of Burlingame Dental Arts while receiving our dental work. Each time our appointments are respected for the time in which we made them (we don’t have to sit and wait to be seen) – and we are greeted by a knowledgeable and friendly staff who make us feel that we are the most important patient in the world. Having a secretary go the extra mile with helping with insurance questions is sometimes hard to find, but at Burlingame Dental Arts they will go out of their way for you.Laura M
Comfortable and Thorough. I have just received dental insurance and have had two appointments with Burlingame Dental Arts. I am very impressed with the kind service and thoroughness of the exams. The people I spoke to are all very friendly and I will be back for more. šŸ™‚Rick H
I hate to say this, because I don’t want them to get too busy for me, but these guys rock! I hate dentists, but I love Elizabeth. Mark and Ben are good, too. And Paige is awesome! All are sensitive, make me feel in control, and it never hurts. And I still have great teeth at 77, thanks to them.Janice A
Dr. De Graff and the staff at Burlingame Dental Arts were ahhhh-mazing! I’m so happy to have found a professional yet very personable doctor. I highly recommend them!Annie B
What’s not to like? Completely professional location, clean and inviting. Friendly competent staff. Ridiculously handsome and charming dentist gifted w/ the brain of a scientist and uses state of the art technology to make your smile like the headlight of a train coming out of a stinky mouth tunnel. A+Ryan W
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